Capricious Spirits

Animists believe that the nature of the There may seem to be many dead ends on the path, as in this writing. A dead end may not always remain a dead end, an way open now may close later. Look carefully, choose consciously.spiritual path is not understanding the meaning of existence, rather it is maintaining one's existence in a world of While one god or spirit may be more prominent than the others, animists may recognize numerous deities, spirits, and powers.capricious spirits and opposing powers. While the number of people recognized as animists is small, a majority of the world's population (by some estimates) follows beliefs and practices aimed at communicating with and appeasing these gods, spirits, powers.

My beliefs include the Ahem.
-- God
King of Kings
, who says, “Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”
Papa Legba! Open the door! Your children await!
-- Traditional Voodoo invitation to spiritual communion

They Aren't Like Us

Have you seen Recently I saw an angelic messenger who confirmed the prayers submissively offered by many.angels, spirits or powers? I have seen them, I have talked to them. Don't ask me about them, I won't tell. My role is not to convince the one who does not believe or enlighten the one who does not understand. The belief and disbelief, the understanding and misunderstanding of others does not have any relation to what I perceive. Our beliefs do not change reality. They shape our perceptions of that reality. Many viewpoints are simultaneously in conflict and also correct.

Look around yourself. Do you not see them everywhere. Many people do not see them. They have my sympathy.

The Thus and hither go signs, spirits, and the ability to perceive them.karmic wind blows. Sense its direction and the influence it bears. Is it fair wind or foul?

But We Are Like Them

The spirits may be in us. They may be around us. They influence our behavior, we You thought maybe it was just you? Maybe you were the only one who noticed?act like the powerful archetypes. The powers shape and define us. The karmic wind, the spirit season turn us in their ways.

By The Way

Just in case you didn't know, it's pentacle time.

Be In Touch

Capricious spirits are not on a schedule. Neither are we. If you want, we will In non-spiritual terms, sign up for our newsletter =)send you news of the spirits and of ourselves, or you can contact us with a message, or we can pray together, or otherwise commune with the spirits if the word prayer doesn't resonate with you.